1. Name
The name of the Association is “Sheffield and District Landlord Association” (Hereinafter called The Association)
2. Objectives of The Association
The Association exists to promote and represent Landlords who let properties. In furtherance of the objectives The Association may:

  • Work in partnership with Local Councils and other relevant bodies to promote the trade of Sheffield Landlord via regular meetings with interested Statutory Services Groups
  • Provide a steering group for the consideration of matters relatimg to the letting of properties
  • Liaise with other relevant Associations
  • Present the views of the Members to Local Authorities and other relevant bodies.
  • Promote such activities as may benefit the Members and safeguard their interests
  • Promote and carry out research, surveys and investigations via the steering group
  • Promote and encourage Good Practice
3. Executive Committee (Hereinafter called The Committee)
The Committee shall direct policy and the general mangement of the affairs of The Association.

  • The Committee shall direct policy and the general management of the affairs of The Association.
  • The Members of The Committee shall be elected at the A.G.M for the following year. The proceedings of The Committee shall not be invalidated by the failure to elect a Member
  • Any Committee Officer not attending 3 consecutive meetings without leave of absence will be removed from Officer status, subject to the discretion of the Committee
  • The Committee shall meet to discuss relevant matters and make recommendations to the Members as appropriate
  • The Committee shall issue interesting items of concern via the Minutes secretary
  • Only full members of the association whose subscription fee is fully paid up to date may apply for committee nomination or retain a place on the committee.
4. Officers of Executive Committee
The Committee shall consist of the following Officers:

  • The Chairman – who will control all meetings (and if absent the Vice Chair)
  • Two Vice-Chairpersons
  • The Treasurere – who will make payments, maintain proper records of receipts and generally safeguard the funds of The Association. He will present the annual accounts to the AGM
  • A Membership Secretary who will be responsible for all membership/application issues
  • A General Secretary responsible for correspondence
  • The Secretary – who will be responsible for correspondance and arrange for the Minute Taker
  • Publicity Officer
  • Website/IT Officer
  • Other Committee Members – responsible for such functions as delegated to them
5. Membership
Full membership of The Association shall be open to Landlords who:

  • Let property for residential (and commercial) purposes
  • Agree to adopt and comply with the Constitution and the Code of Practice
  • Have paid the annual subscription as laid down in this Constitution

Managing Agents and other persons with a legitimate interest in residential property may also be admitted ot Associate Non-Voting Membership at the discretion of The Committee.

6. Discipline Code
If it is the opinion of The Committee that some action or omission by a member has resulted in the bringing of disrepute upon The Association, then dismissal from the Association will take place. The Member concerned shall have the right to appeal to the Members voting in the following open meeting; or may, with the support of three Members, ask for an EGM
7. Financial Aspects
a. The financial year of The Association starts on 1st April and ends on the 31st March. The Committee shall comply with their obligations to:

  • Keep accurate accounting records of The Association
  • Submit the financial statements to the AGM

b.┬áPayments – all monies raised by donations and receipts on behalf of The Association shall be applied to further the objectives of The Association and for no other purpose provided that nothing herein contained shall prevent the repayment to

c. Members of The Committee of reasonable out-of-pocket expenses.


  • All Members, unless exempt, shall pay their subscriptions by the due date.
  • The Committee will consider exemptions on a case by case basis
  • New Members will pay the full annual subscription.
  • The amount of subscription may vary from time to time, being determined by The Committee and approved at an A.G.M or EGM
  • Membership can terminate for any Member whose subscription is three calendar months in arrears
8. Annual General Meeting (hereinafter called AGM)
The AGM of The Association shall be held in the month of May at a suitable venue. The business shall include the election of Committee Members and the presentation of the financial statements and to vote on constitution changes and members proposals.
9. Extraordinary General Meeting(hereinafter called EGM)
An EGM may be called by not less than three Members to deal with a matter of great importance. Unless The Committee considers the matter to be trivial or adequately dealt with elsewhere, they must convene such a meeting giving a minimum of three weeks’ notice.
10. General Meetings
There shall be one meeting approximately every quarter, with other meetings as required. The business may include reports of Activities, presentations by guest speakers and discussion of matters of concern.
11. Committee Meetings
The Committee shall meet to discuss Activities or Matters of Concern. These will be known as “Steering Group” meetings, and can allow non-committee members to attend and express opinions but not vote.
12. Amendments
Amendments to the Constitution or Code of Practice of The Association may only take place at the AGM (or EGM if specially requested for this purpose).
13. Members’ Rules, Procedures and Voting

  • Members will be given adequate notice of the time and place of meetings
  • A Quorum shall consist of four Members entitled to vote
  • All matters will be decided by a simple majority of those attending and entitled to vote
  • A record of all proceedings and resolutions shall be minuted/recorded by an appopriate Member of The Committee, or a Co-opted Association Member.