Council introduces Selective Licensing and Voluntary Registration to an area in PageHall

The Council have presented two reports to the cabinet on 15th January detailing two schemes they will be introducing to the Page Hall Area:

The voluntary registration scheme area includes around 520 private rented properties. Landlords will be asked to register with the Council. They will be provided with property and management standards and asked to assess their properties and tenancy management against these standards.

The Selective Licensing scheme would apply to a defined geographical area of Page Hall, the area would include around 350 private rented properties. A Selective Licensing scheme basically gives
the Council more teeth to tackle the irresponsible management of private rental properties, which is contributing to the issues in Page Hall. The scheme would include support for landlords and tenants.
The overall aims of the proposal are to:

Improve the standard of private rented housing.  Increases in standards will result directly from enforcement action taken on specific properties, and landlords proactively improving their properties and tenancy management tocomply with the new scheme

Break the cycle of low demand, which sees house prices fall as the area is considered less desirable, established residents selling-up (or dealing with the stress of falling / negative equity), more houses being let irresponsibly, making the area less desirable, and so the cycle repeats

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